Penguin Room

The Penguin Room is our older toddler room and includes children from age 2 years through 2 years, 9 months, sometimes longer depending on the child. In the Penguin Room, the older toddlers are provided with the opportunity to make choices. Independence is encouraged and creativity and imagination are promoted through small group activities and free play. The program begins with basic centers, which include blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, and reading rug. Self-help skills are encouraged by showing the children how to try new things on their own, but our team of early childhood educators is always there to help, hug and comfort when needed. Communication skills are promoted as the children begin to interact more with their peers. The Penguin Room also introduces your child to the potty, although he or she is never forced. The maximum group size in the room is 18. Our goal is to gently assist your child in furthering his or her independence.