Tiger Room

The Tiger Room is our preschool room and includes children from age 2 years old, 9 months to 3 years, 6 months. In the Tiger Room, we help to promote healthy development of social skills through structured preschool activities, games and songs. During choice time, children are given the opportunity to explore many different centers, such as Art, Library, Manipulative, Music, Dramatic-play, Sensory Table and Block Center. The focus in the Tiger Room is more on the process the child took to create something rather than the product. At this stage, potty training is a big event and we encourage open communication parents to help your child achieve success. As child care providers, we realize that each child is different and has their own unique qualities to bring to the Tiger Room and we embrace these differences because each child is an important piece to our puzzle. The maximum group size in the room is 24. Our goal is to help your child set goals, make decisions, communicate and develop age-appropriate social skills.