• Fundraising

  • Welcome to Noah’s Ark’s fundraising page!

    Noah’s Ark Child Care Center is a nonprofit organization, which is why fundraising is such a key component of our center. Nonprofit organizations make the world a better place without the purpose of making a profit.

    It seems obvious that fundraising is an important aspect of running the center, making general improvements, and enhancing our programs and services. However, it is so much more. It’s about a community coming together to ultimately provide the best possible environment for our children. It teaches them to appreciate what they have and to understand that they have the ability, even from a young age, to help others. We have some big goals to improve our center over the next few years. This largely involves renovating our outdoor experience for the children with new groundwork, structures, and fencing.

    Now, more than ever, we need your support with fundraising or donations — above and beyond tuition. We understand that attending an event is not convenient for everyone, so we have incorporated an easy way to donate through PayPal. Please click on “Donate” to the right and your generous tax-deductible donation will go straight to Noah’s Ark.

    We can’t thank you enough for your support!